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Quilts are synonymous with warmth, coziness, hominess and history. It’s been considered an art form for centuries, gracing the floors of ancient Mongolian yurts and the walls of medieval castles alike. Quilted Gallery has a variety of quilts with which you can keep warm on a cold day, decorate your home or give as a gift. We also lead workshops to teach this craft to those who would like to make their own creations.

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4 ways to decorate your home with quilts

Quilts have many uses besides keeping you warm. Here are a few ways to use a quilt in your home:

  1. Use it as a wall hanging to fill blank wall space
  2. Spread it across your bed to add color to your room
  3. Put it over the back of a sofa or chair as an accent
  4. Collect a few of them and create a quilt ladder
  5. Call 508-224-4245 to find out the date of our next workshop and start decorating your home right away!

Keep your home warm and beautiful

Quilted Gallery is an art guild in Plymouth, MA that sells patterns and full quilts. We have over 30 years of quilting experience and almost 20 years of experience making patterns. We are dedicated to sharing our art with the Plymouth area, and providing instruction on this beautiful art form.

Visit Quilted Gallery today to learn a new skill or to purchase one of our many handmade quilts.

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